Principal’s Welcome Message Full Script

Hello, my name is Sheileen Krone and I am the principal of the Academy of Royal International Education.

I am very pleased to tell you about our school. We are a private, high school that offers grades 9, 10, 11 and 12. We provide opportunities for local and international students to study at our school, in classes or students may choose to study in our E-Platform or On-line courses. A third option is combining on-line classes with in-class courses.

Our school is located in the heart of the rapidly growing, cosmopolitan city of Markham, Ontario. Markham is equipped with many services, restaurants, extra-curricular opportunities and a diverse cultural population. The public transportation system is extensive, affordable and safe for all. Markham is on the north side of Toronto and easily accessible so that students may enjoy all the wonderful advantages Toronto has to offer.

We use the Ontario Curriculum which is one of the most comprehensive education systems in the world. Our students graduate with the Ontario Secondary School Diploma which extensively prepares them for university and college in Canada, the United States, Australia, Great Britain and many other countries in the world.

Our school isinspected by the Ontario Ministry of Education so that we can continue to maintain our high standards and expectations for our students. Our curriculum outlines expectations for student in all courses, levels and grades. Our students know,in advance, what they are expected to learn. Our students also clearly understand how they will be evaluated and assessed. We follow Ministry of Education guidelines which support fair, varied and numerous evaluation strategies.

We are very proud of our comprehensive E-learning platform, intended to prepare students for university or college studies. Overseas students may begin their studies towards the Ontario Secondary School diploma from their home countries, without coming to Canada. Students can save money in travel, accommodation and living expenses and work towards obtaining Ontario credits from their home country, from their own homes. Our on-line courses are well designed and well organized with videos, presentations and other learning strategies to help students learn effectively and achieve at a high level. Our teachers are available at all times to help if students have difficulties. We believe that our E learning program is one of the most advanced platforms in Canada.

Our courses include studies in English, English As A Second Language, Mathematics, Science, Business, Canadian and World Studies, Geography, History, Social Sciences, International Languages, Technological Studies and Aboriginal Studies.

Our School Philosophy is inclusive. We welcome all students from our local neighbourhood and from around the world. We believe in small classes so that students can get receive lots of attention from the teacher and so that students can have lots of opportunities to ask questions and make comments. We believe that students learn best when they feel safe and secure enough to take risks and ask questions. Our small classes and warm friendly teachers help create an environment which is most conducive for students to learn.

Our school teaches students the Ontario Curriculum so that they can graduate from high school in Ontario but we also focus on preparing them for post secondary studies in their chosen fields such as Science, Engineering, Business, the Arts or other areas of interest. Our unique program of study helps students gain acceptance into the university of their choice. Our students prepare to study at the University of Toronto, York University, Ryerson, McMaster, Laurier, Queen’s University and other renowned institutions in Canada and around the world.

At our school, we support students to get into university but we also work hard to make sure that our students succeed in university and graduate in their chosen fields. We want students to leave our school with the proper skills to effectively navigate their post secondary studies independently and with confidence.

The advantages of our school are the following:

-we have small classes which means more individual attention for each student;

-we are committed to advanced, progressive education which supports the demands which will be made on our students in the future;

-we develop a community of life long learners by nurturing opportunities for success in our classes;

-we aim to help create global citizens with economic, environmental and humane awareness;

-we work in partnership with parents to best support the needs of our learners;

-we provide enrichment opportunities and we also make sure that our students have access to tutoring whenever they require it;

-we also provide many opportunities for students to participate in extra-curricular academic and sportactivities;

-our guidance department provides support in helping students make the right decisions about university and college applications;

-most importantly, we treat our students as if they were our own children – watching out for them socially, emotionally and academically to ensure they make the best choices possible for future success.

For international students, we ensure they are supported in the ways they need such as proper development of English language skills and proper class placement. We understand that one of the biggest obstacles to successful studies is learning English. Our E-Learning platform provides opportunities for students to develop and improve their English skills before coming to Canada. We also provide one-to-one instruction in order to make sure our students are at the level of achievement they need to be.

We also promise to provide opportunities for students to positively embrace the Canadian experience so that they are well prepared for their future. In preparation for university and college studies, we ensure that students have the necessary IELTS or TOEFL test preparation so that they can have access to the universities and colleges of their choice. We also want all of our students, especially our international students to feel confident in going forward on to their next level of study and the next chapter of their lives.

We also provide airport pick up services and of course, if students need, we can assist with accommodation arrangements. We can arrange family homestays whereby students live with a local family and integrate into the Canadian family experience.

Our school’s lawyers can assist with study permit applications, renewals and extensions. We can help students organize documents to ensure their status in Canada is always bonafied.

Our school semesters are varied and multiple so that students have many different opportunities to personalize their learning schedules. We provide individualized learning plans for each student so that they are optimizing their learning. We want to promote a love for learning and a passion within each student to achieve their very best.

As principal of Royal Academy of International Education, my wish is that all of our students achieve their maximum potential. I have over 25 years of experience in education. I have worked in private and public schools, in elementary and secondary levels of study in Canada and in other countries. I have visited many schools around the world and I am convinced that Ontario is one of the best places that students can be. At Royal Academy of International Education, we feel privileged and proud to offer high quality education and participate in all the benefits it provides.

Our teaching staff support our goals and work very hard to encourage our students to do their best and be their best. We live in a high tech, fast paced world where everything changes so quickly and for this reason, it is so important that we provide a safe, solid foundation for our students to develop their skills and build their character. We ensure students have time management skills that will help them make good choices. Critical thinking and problem solving skills are necessary for a successful career and happy life and we ensure students are properly equipped. Our school develops leadership qualities and confidence in our students.

We would be pleased to provide you with more information about our school or you are welcome to visit and sit with us to learn more about how we can help.

We look forward to hearing from you. Thank you for your interest.

We look forward to welcoming you to Canada and our school. Thank you.